How to Find Friends On Snapchat

Whether you're new to Snapchat or you've been on it since 2011 like me, you've probably noticed the lack of discoverability on one of the fastest growing social networks out there.  Ironic right? 

Now most people jump to the conclusion of thinking this has been an overlooked feature by Evan Spiegel (Founder & CEO of Snapchat) but it is the complete opposite and here's why:

1. Cross Pollination: What better way to grow your social platform than to force people to talk about it on other social networks they have already built? 

I've pulled three examples from the top 3 social platforms and what do they all have in common? THEY ARE PROMOTING THEIR SNAPCHAT.

And as you can see, this isn't about millennials. This is about reach, engagement and most of all where attention is worth the most. An influential fashion blogger, an Entrepreneur and global brand are telling their audience one thing :

"I'm on Snapchat, Follow me there" 

 Powerful is an understatement. I've just pulled these 3 as examples but roam around social networks and you will see snapcodes and snapchat usernames flooding your feeds. If you ask me, this is nothing short of a solid growth hacking strategy by Snapchat.

2. Valued Attention

When someone adds you on Snapchat, either you were featured somewhere or a friend recommended them as an awesome account.  They have made a conscious decision to either snap your code, type in your username, or click on your snapchat URL. Regardless of the HOW, the extra seconds of effort make an impact on the attention you receive from them in the long run.

For example: I have approx. 650 friends on my Snapchat and I get ~450 views on each of my snapchat stories. If I submit 15 snapchats to my stories...well you do the math ( 6,750 impressions ). The level of attention is incredible for one reason - if they didn't care, they wouldn't add me. 

When was the last time your twitter following reflected your tweet engagement?
When was the last time your Facebook likes reflected your post shares?
When was the last time your Instagram likes reflected your followers?

3. Content Centric

No vanity metrics, no problem. 
Followers, Following, Tweet Number, Facebook Likes, and Hearts can be automated with a bot and you're on your way to a "million followers" but what's the point? 

Snapchat keeps thing simple. Post quality content, people will watch, retention will be high and engagement will be through the roof. There are no algorithms or computers that can engage with your snapchat story. 

Quality Content is attractive. 
Constant Creative Quality Content is even better and that's how you win with Snapchat. 

One more thing, to help cross promote your Snapchat, here's a resource on how to join the fastest growing Snapchat Directory with over 2800+ users :)

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