Live Stream: If you’re not plugged in, you’re late to the party

Today, there was a fire in NYC that was being shared and consumed real time through Periscope before any news outlet could even get a team out there to report “live”. Our world is changing quicker than anyone could have imagined even 3 years ago. No matter how much we would like to claim that social media is just an accessory we use to pass time, the reality proves otherwise. Social media platforms are changing the way to connect, consume, engage and live our lives. It is changing the rhythm of our day and if we are not plugged in to tune into the world around us, we are already 10 steps behind.

Periscope (Twitter’s Live Stream App) launched in the App Store today. With all the buzz around Meerkat during SXSW, live streaming was receiving lots of air time with influencers who were warming up the conversation and paving the way for this form of social engagement. Well known names such as Gary VaynerchukGuy Kawasaki and Brian Fanzo all began live streaming from the event— letting their fans know where they will be.

With big names, comes big audiences and for individuals like me who consider themselves a Vayniak (def. A person who is a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, watches #AskGaryVee and identifies as being among the Vaynernation), I didn't hesitate to download Meerkat solely to follow Gary Vee. If I’m doing this, it is very likely that the behavior is being replicated among millions of people across the globe who spend their time listening to influencers that bring them value. All of us participate on multiple social media platforms - whether it’s through picture, video or 140 character tweets but most of us are consuming more “stuff” than we broadcast. By keeping up with our friends, celebrities, brands, lifestyles and cultures we have adopted the behavior of being connected.

The evolution towards live stream comes after Vine, Instagram and Snapchat were able to validate the markets’ love for consuming and sharing content in video form.

It is March 26, 2015 and live stream has already taken off. Periscope and Meerkat are among the hottest apps being downloaded. Twitter conversation around live stream is ramping up and our world is getting smaller with every evolved social media platform that is born. It is only the beginning.

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