Why Brands Should Adopt Emoji Culture 😎✌🏼️

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We spend so much of our time consuming, creating and ignoring the influx of information we are overloaded with on a daily basis, its hard to really find the good stuff. There is lots of great content out there but the problem is successfully getting the information in front of the people that matter to you. Before they decide to read what you have to say, they have to decide to click and most of the time, that’s the trickiest part.

Let’s be real, how many different ways can marketers and regular people craft a sentence to make you open up that email or tweet.

The question becomes, “How do you stand out, to get the click?”

The answer, EMOJIS.

Written text is everywhere but emoji’s aren’t, so why not use them to communicate your message?

These creative, animated micro images are a perfect way to command attention from your audience. You’re telling them, we get you instead of you should get us. Take this #WeGotYou campaign that was running forAbove the Influence in order to bring more awareness towards the realities of Drug Abuse.

The billboard reads, “I want to fit in, but I dont want to smoke”

The campaign was aimed at teens and young adults who are most impressionable to getting involved with drugs. But, they’re not the only ones who have decided to take a new approach to marketing. Here are three large brands who have taken the initiative to relate to their customers in a way that perhaps their friends might have as well. (Images were pulled from my personal inbox)

Exhibit A : Product Hunt
Do you see anyone else putting a cheeseburger in the subject line? Probably not & that’s why it works. Product hunt is telling me that they understand when I think of food, this is probably the emoji I would use in a text to my friend.

Exhibit B : Southwest Airlines
Vacationing, relaxing and unwinding are three words I would probably relate to having a nice glass of wine. They didn't just put 1 but 2 becuase well, they really want you to relax and take a vacation with them. 

Exhibit C : Gap A simple yet iconic brand that delivers quality modern clothes. They have the basics and if I’m thinking of buying a new fall sweater, I’ll probably remember their cute email about a sale they’re having.

Having the ability to convey emotions with a selection of mini pictures is powerful and bold. Don’t underestimate these little guys. It allows you to communicate with your audience on a more emotional level, humanize your brand and set yourself apart.

If you act like a friend they talk to — the chances of them engaging are significantly higher. No one wants to be sold to, they want to be engage with.

For those who have said emoji’s are childish and shouldn’t be used for large marketing campaigns should take a closer look at the world we are living in.

Our world is evolving faster than ever.

Brands need to humanize & show their community that they are understood.

The line between customer service, brand personality and marketing for leads have already blurred. Everything you do speaks to whether someone wants to do business with you. As Jon Ferrara says, “Business is not B2B or B2C, Business is P2P — People to people”

Don’t be afraid to adopt emoji culture, like anything else — if you do it right, it’ll go a long way.

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