3 Tactics to Grow your Snapchat Audience

200 million Daily Active Users
400 million Snaps per day

Snapchat has become one of the leading micro-content platforms that takes storytelling and communication to new heights. It’s ability to capture a generation’s attention has proven that empowering creativity within an application can drive millions of people to choose new ways of telling their stories.

In spite of all the tools, features and functionality that Snapchat has integrated into the platform, there is one feature they have intentionally (in my opinion) left out of the mix.


The largest barrier for new and existing users who are looking to build their audience as they increase the amount of content they are creating is discoverability within Snapchat. Unlike conventional platforms where there are algorithms and follower counts, Snapchat forces you to rely on your other networks and word of mouth for account growth.

As I’ve doubled down on growing my audience in the last 12 months on Snapchat, I’ve deployed a few of the tactics below to grow my audience, build my community and engage with new friends.

1. Create Snapchat Content (Landscape style) and use it as a graphic or image for your Facebook and Twitter to increase awareness and visibilityabout your Snapchat account. This tactic provides your audience with a fresh type of creative and gives them a glimpse of how you are utilizing the tools Snapchat provides.

Below are a few examples of my “Snapchat Graphics”

A) The engagement on posts with less text and more creative
Ps. An awesome community to join for Snapchatters : Snapchat.Directory

B) Take a Snapchat with yourself in it and add Snapchat Creative - unique look and stands out on people's feeds

C) Play around with the composition of your Snapchat Graphic

D) Layer emojis to create eye catching graphics

2. Coupled promotion with valued content : If you have a blog, create a post that talks about your content, why you create on snapchat and how you see the platform differently than others (ex. IG, FB, etc)

When you create a story on snapchat around an event you attended or a specific project, download your content and write a post that carries and adds context around the story. This is a great way to not only promote your work but get some SEO in :)

Take the time to continuously promote that piece of content + make sure you have included your snapcode at the end with a call to action of why they should follow you!


…and don’t just focus on people with the same “target” audience. Snapchatters with a different audience can be great to work with as well because people consume a variety of content on snapchat. The most important thing is to make sure your perspective and utilization on snapchat is unique, entertaining and engaging. Most snapchat users don’t exclusively follow just one type of content creator but ones that can tell the most interesting stories around anything.

If you are committed to growing a loyal audience on Snapchat, its crucial for you to think outside the box on how you can get discovered, gain exposure and create visibility for your account!

If you try any of these suggestions out, let me know how they go — Snap me your feedback :